Thursday, April 30, 2009

So starting tomorrow, Joe has to start exercising with me.  In order to keep our health insurance rates where they are we had to join a health campaign where we get at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise 3 days a week and then report our progress.  I'm pretty excited.  The campaign runs for 6 weeks.  It should be interesting.  I've been doing good with the working out thing but Joe kind of gave up.  I guess now that it's involving our insurance it should give him more motivation.  :)  Well Mothers Day is coming up and it's also Evelyn's birthday.  I'm pretty excited that this year her birthday landed on Mother's Day.  I know it doesn't matter to her but it means a lot to me.  We'll be going to my parents for Mother's Day.  I'm excited.  And this weekend I will be seeing some of my friends from high school for a little lunch get together in Pocatello.  I'm really excited to see Courtney.  We're still waiting for summer to get here.  :)  At least some kind of nice weather.  It keeps tricking us.  It's sunny and nice and when you get outside it's still freezing!  Or we get 2 days of beautiful weather and then it's snowing again.  But what else can you expect from Rexburg huh?  Well I think that's about it.  Have a good one!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

April already!  I can hardly believe it!  Joe's birthday is coming up.  He'll be 29!  He's getting up there. :)  Well all that's really new for us is that I've started a job.  It's not a real job.   I volunteered 6 hours a week in the day care at World Gym and in turn I get free day care for my two kids and two free memberships.  So Joe and I have started to go to the gym.  I started going 3 days a week.  I work on Mondays and Thursdays, and I work out all the other days.  Hopefully I'll start loosing the baby fat from my two babies! :)  I hoping to look good this summer!  I've really enjoyed both volunteering and working out.  The kids are really fun, and it's always great to feel your body get in shape and get stronger.  I tried a spinning class the other day.  They killed me!  I was so tired and so sore!  But I'm going to keep trying to do it.  They offer a beginner spinning class, and I'm going to do that.  Evelyn is growing and learning new things all the time.  She got to take the sacrament for the first time last Sunday.  I was very proud of her.  Every Sunday I ask her the same question and then answer it for her.  I ask her why we take the sacrament.  The answer I give her is to remember Jesus.  So as the bread was being passed I asked her the question and she replied, "Jesus, think."  So I gave her the bread.  Joe and I always said that when she could tell us why we take it then she could have it.  I was amazed.  Well I hope you all have a wonderful conference weekend and a wonderful Easter!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So this is the first blog I've ever done.  I'm hoping that I'll keep it updated.  I'm really not very good at this sort of thing, so, be patient and I'll do my best.  It's March already.  Jeff is 2 months old and Evelyn is almost 2 years old.  We are living in Rexburg, Idaho right now.  Joe has a job here so we're sticking around for a while.   We're very excited for spring.  It seems to be coming early this year, for Rexburg that is. :)  I'm excited for when I can let Evelyn outside again.  It'll be fun to start going to the park and letting her get some of that energy out.  She just never stops running!  Jeff was blessed 2 weeks ago.  A lot of family came up and and a lot of friends supported.  Joe's dad was here even if it was just a very short visit.  It was really nice to see him.  Evelyn really enjoyed seeing him.  She keeps asking for him.  She grabs a purse and coat and says, "Go, see Grandpa Bart".  It's really cute.  Well that's all really for us.  Have a good one!